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Product description

Colour coding

Always attentive to the requirements of valued customers, we now offer up to 10 colours: white, blue, red, yellow, green, black, orange, purple,  grey and brown.

Tolerance data

In consideration for the requirements of the industry, articles are available with heat tolerances from -30°C/-22°F to +134°C/+273°F (even some up till +250°C/+480°F).


Extrusions for all brush bodies, shovels, buckets etc.

FBK manufactures from colour coded virgin polypropylene injected under very high pressure to produce solid, strong mouldings. This production technique sets FBK products apart from foamed injection methods.


Brush filaments

The majority of brushware is filled using polyester PBT filaments of various lengths and thicknesses to suit the application. This material is extremely suitable for autoclaving to +134°C/+273°F, does not aabsorb water, and is therefore ideal in retaining bristle stiffness and bend recovery. It wears longer and withstands destruction from a wide range of caustic cleaning chemicals.

Filament retention is important to FBK and the combination of precision drilled high density brush blocks and insertion of stainless steel retaining clips achieves this objective whilst allowing for the penetration of anti-bacterial agents to reach deep into the bristle clumps.

In response to customer demand, a selection of articles will shortly become available with bristles set in flexible resin compound. Enhanced bristle retention is achieved in addition to solid proven bristle anchorage.

Detectable articles

Manufactured from our own formulation involving additives that conform to food contact regulations, this addition allows material that may become accidentally detached from an article in use to be detected by standard in-line metal detection equipment. Appropriate for articles used in both the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors.


FBK aims to develop articles that are not only fit for purpose but are also ergonomic and user-friendly. Our design team will always consider what achieves the best results with the least fatigue.

Where our products perform

Anywhere and everywhere that uncompromising cleanliness is the over-arching requirement. Typical market types that appreciate our products include: food and beverage processing, food handlers, service sector and retail outlets, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers, hospitals, municipal cleaning, contract cleaners etc.


FBK articles conform to the best principles of HACCP, are manufactured from FDA compliant materials and are made in accordance with EU regulations 10/2011/EC; 1935/2004/EC; 2023/2006; 579/2011/EC; EU directive 93/43/EEC; 2002/72/EC; FDA food code 2009. As an active member of the European Brushware Federation, the company works in accordance with the PHB charter issued by FEIBP.

Migration test

For articles which are meant for direct food contact, migration tests have been made according to EU regulation 10/2011/EC


With the above accreditations and conformance guarantees, FBK articles qualify to fit into HACCP, the International Features Standard (IFS), the British Retail Consortium standard (BRC) and the 5S concept for L.E.A.N. management.

GOA3 colour allocation program

With colour coding a key selling point in the FBK marketing strategy, this allocation program offers the facility to plan separation within whole production plants or work zones by colour. This affords great opportunities to eliminate cross-contamination issues by viewing or printing overviews of operations. For more information and to discuss bespoke applications, please contact your distributor.